Medicine on the Doorstep

Terra Nova

I’m needing to keep my health balanced whilst dealing with some unforeseen challenging environmental issues at the new flat.

Previously I’ve found Gillian McKeith’s Organic Food Energy Powder very helpful in such circumstances. This time I remembered the health shop guy telling me about Terra Nova Life Drink from Terra Nova.

It seemed to be a similar idea but the ingredients are fresh freeze-dried instead:

‘Research shows that fresh freeze drying has the unique ability to retain a plant’s enzymes, and is shown to be superior to other drying methods in terms of activity, stability, solubility and preservation of a plant’s original fresh chemistry (as it was when the plant was harvested).’ (taken from the Terra Nova website)

Many of the ingredients are ‘certified organic or ethically wildcrafted‘ and a full list of ingredients can be seen on Greenlife, which is a fantastic ethical supermarket in Totnes that I came across accidentally last summer whilst staying in Devon. I spent ages there just browsing the shelves.

Coincidentally I’m currently living near Roath Basin where Captain Scott’s actual Terra Nova set sail in June 1910


Uplifting Celebrations


I recently had a birthday!

They can often fill your home with lots of colour and good wishes.


Lovely celebrations with friends at Las Iguanas, Mermaid Quay and family at Miller & Carter.  Gluten-free menu now available at Las Iguanas. I don’t eat steak but there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the Cardiff Bay M&C.

Big thanks to my sister for the unexpected flowers, balloon & chocolates delivered by The Flower Oasis. Fab Surprise!

Moving Out…

Cardiff Bay

Recently I moved.

Desiring to be nearer the water I found myself in Cardiff Bay. I’d spent over a month packing, cleaning and de cluttering, inspired over the years by “The Power of Less’.

Boxes were filled, labelled and taped down. I’d recommend getting help to do this, as the packing process is always more drawn out than expected. Movers of Cardiff arrived. Their friendly and efficient approach meant a smooth transition and everything delivered intact the other end.

An ME/CFS friend in Cornwall who had recently moved a few times, suggested I hire a ‘man with a van’. When you have a disability with little physical support to draw on, it helps to know that there are companies you can rely on.  Two men and a van actually came. If you are unable to help the ‘man’ either end with the boxes (with fibromyalgia / ME/CFS I am unable too) then the company may need to employ a second man. Just be aware this will bump up the cost a little.

Back for the ‘Check Out’. I’d lived in my old flat for 7 years so I was saying goodbye to a life. Cheryl from Inventory Pro’s professional manner made the checking out procedure so much easier. Conducting the service thoroughly and sensitive to the process as I handed the keys over.

The next chapter has begun. It has been a steep learning curve. But spurring me on to set up the seed of the idea: Sensitive Girl. Home (sister site to Sensitive Girl.Travels). Keep reading for my experiences!