New Start?

flat 1

Excited to be moving in to my ‘smart flat’ as my Dad called it, which in many ways it is, with some lovely internal features and a great location near the waterside.

I have also unfortunately been sorely challenged with a number of unforeseen environmental issues. Silverfish infestation throughout (apparently in a couple of blocks), MEV Unit switched off and malfunctioning (compulsory 24 hour mechanical ventilation) and a lack of deep clean of the flat. All resulting in a diagnosis of asthma, which I have never had before, and an increase in spending to deal with it all.

A stressful start to what was meant to be a positive move!

Even now just over 4 months later I am still achieving resolution. Progress is being made, albeit slowly, and at the cost of my health. I have unwittingly acquired enough material to keep me posting here for some time.

I’ll be starting with the lighter aspect of floor cleaning next post…