Gorgeous Fragrance


I’m coming to the end of my Pacifica Island Vanilla fragrance I bought a few months back. Absolutely love their wide range of sweet scents.

I first bought Hawaiian Ruby Guava in Greenlife in Totnes last summer and the above Island Vanilla in Beanfreaks in Cardiff this winter. feel a new scent coming on for the next few months!

The founder, Brook Harvey Taylor, is conscious of what’s used in her blends:

“I try to maintain the balance by being aware of what is potentially dangerous and what is not. I use naturals wherever I can. When naturals are not viable I will use some non-natural materials to make the best product we can make” taken from Eco Chick article

I find I have no reactions to Pacifica fragrances. However you will need to try for yourself with your own sensitivities. They list main ingredients alongside each fragrance on the website. Another blogger’s interesting article here: Perfume Maybe Making You Sick.