Gorgeous Fragrance


I’m coming to the end of my Pacifica Island Vanilla fragrance I bought a few months back. Absolutely love their wide range of sweet scents.

I first bought Hawaiian Ruby Guava in Greenlife in Totnes last summer and the above Island Vanilla in Beanfreaks in Cardiff this winter. feel a new scent coming on for the next few months!

The founder, Brook Harvey Taylor, is conscious of what’s used in her blends:

“I try to maintain the balance by being aware of what is potentially dangerous and what is not. I use naturals wherever I can. When naturals are not viable I will use some non-natural materials to make the best product we can make” taken from Eco Chick article

I find I have no reactions to Pacifica fragrances. However you will need to try for yourself with your own sensitivities. They list main ingredients alongside each fragrance on the website. Another blogger’s interesting article here: Perfume Maybe Making You Sick.


Ozone System

Few Months After Easi Kleen


The flat mainly consists of various hard flooring, a bedroom carpet and lounge rug. Unfortunately the carpet / rug was left unhoovered and unwashed by the agents. This is unpleasant for the average person without any health conditions, as it creates a stuffy, musty environment with other people’s living dust and dirt. However for an allergy sufferer it can be worse than unpleasant and actually cause a deterioration of health. This can be due to dirt but also to the build up of dust mites and their faeces.

I was surprised to come across this on moving in as I had paid a decent agents fee and with any previous moves the carpets were cleaned beforehand. Experiencing breathing difficulties, a harsh cough and chest pain within the first few days, leading to a full-blown allergic reaction type cold a few weeks later. I was feeling rough.

The lack of a general deep clean, including the carpet and the rug, seemed the obvious place to look at to clear the environment and air. Especially as at this stage, I had no idea of the full extent of the problems I was to encounter!



Fortunately, I was able to call on the services of Richard Portlock at Easi-Kleen. He could come in the New Year. Richard had regularly cleaned my carpets and, when necessary, curtains and upholstery in my previous flat. I found Easi-Kleen on Eco Carpet Care a number of years ago.

As a MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) sufferer and unable to tolerate many of the cleaning chemicals used by many companies, I scoured the Internet for an effective chemical free alternative. Eco Carpet Care is a UK wide database, which lists eco cleaners throughout the UK. You just type in your local area and those available pop up. So for South Wales Easi-Kleen appeared.

Easi-Kleen use a safe natural based ozone system:

“This destroys odour-causing bacteria, allergens and molecules in carpets, upholstery and beds. This economical environmental odour neutraliser actually destroys the source of the odour and leaves pure fresh oxygen in its place. It is excellent for smoke damage, mold, mildew, pet odour and many more.” Taken from Easi-Kleen Homepage under Our Services

Richard will also apply M Power (derived from 100% natural plant-based materials) or a chemical product if you can tolerate, for any stubborn stains. I have always found Richard to be reliable, very hardworking, polite, friendly and his service effective and efficient. Even honouring his appointment a few years ago, at the start of what turned out to be a snow blizzard!

I remain well from the methods and products used, which is the main thing. The carpets always feel like brand new afterwards.

flat 3


As you can see from the above picture*, there was a lot of dirt from the bedroom carpet alone. In fact it turned from darker beige to lighter beige (this photo was taken in the communal hallway hence the green carpet).

Considering I was told by the agents the carpet / rug were clean, it seemed they hadn’t been deep cleaned for a long time. And this was after a number of vacuuming sessions, with a Miele S5281 (& Hepa filter), which I will talk about later…

This gave some much-needed relief for which I was grateful. However, it was just the start of a long 4-month journey as, in spite of the deep cleaning the carpet and rug, some breathing symptoms persisted.

Turns out cleaning the carpet was just the first stage…

*Apologies for the lack of before and after photos but at this stage I was unaware I would be keeping this blog!

Next Post: Cleaning hard flooring

New Start?

flat 1

Excited to be moving in to my ‘smart flat’ as my Dad called it, which in many ways it is, with some lovely internal features and a great location near the waterside.

I have also unfortunately been sorely challenged with a number of unforeseen environmental issues. Silverfish infestation throughout (apparently in a couple of blocks), MEV Unit switched off and malfunctioning (compulsory 24 hour mechanical ventilation) and a lack of deep clean of the flat. All resulting in a diagnosis of asthma, which I have never had before, and an increase in spending to deal with it all.

A stressful start to what was meant to be a positive move!

Even now just over 4 months later I am still achieving resolution. Progress is being made, albeit slowly, and at the cost of my health. I have unwittingly acquired enough material to keep me posting here for some time.

I’ll be starting with the lighter aspect of floor cleaning next post…

Medicine on the Doorstep

Terra Nova

I’m needing to keep my health balanced whilst dealing with some unforeseen challenging environmental issues at the new flat.

Previously I’ve found Gillian McKeith’s Organic Food Energy Powder very helpful in such circumstances. This time I remembered the health shop guy telling me about Terra Nova Life Drink from Terra Nova.

It seemed to be a similar idea but the ingredients are fresh freeze-dried instead:

‘Research shows that fresh freeze drying has the unique ability to retain a plant’s enzymes, and is shown to be superior to other drying methods in terms of activity, stability, solubility and preservation of a plant’s original fresh chemistry (as it was when the plant was harvested).’ (taken from the Terra Nova website)

Many of the ingredients are ‘certified organic or ethically wildcrafted‘ and a full list of ingredients can be seen on Greenlife, which is a fantastic ethical supermarket in Totnes that I came across accidentally last summer whilst staying in Devon. I spent ages there just browsing the shelves.

Coincidentally I’m currently living near Roath Basin where Captain Scott’s actual Terra Nova set sail in June 1910

Uplifting Celebrations


I recently had a birthday!

They can often fill your home with lots of colour and good wishes.


Lovely celebrations with friends at Las Iguanas, Mermaid Quay and family at Miller & Carter.  Gluten-free menu now available at Las Iguanas. I don’t eat steak but there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the Cardiff Bay M&C.

Big thanks to my sister for the unexpected flowers, balloon & chocolates delivered by The Flower Oasis. Fab Surprise!

Moving Out…

Cardiff Bay

Recently I moved.

Desiring to be nearer the water I found myself in Cardiff Bay. I’d spent over a month packing, cleaning and de cluttering, inspired over the years by “The Power of Less’.

Boxes were filled, labelled and taped down. I’d recommend getting help to do this, as the packing process is always more drawn out than expected. Movers of Cardiff arrived. Their friendly and efficient approach meant a smooth transition and everything delivered intact the other end.

An ME/CFS friend in Cornwall who had recently moved a few times, suggested I hire a ‘man with a van’. When you have a disability with little physical support to draw on, it helps to know that there are companies you can rely on.  Two men and a van actually came. If you are unable to help the ‘man’ either end with the boxes (with fibromyalgia / ME/CFS I am unable too) then the company may need to employ a second man. Just be aware this will bump up the cost a little.

Back for the ‘Check Out’. I’d lived in my old flat for 7 years so I was saying goodbye to a life. Cheryl from Inventory Pro’s professional manner made the checking out procedure so much easier. Conducting the service thoroughly and sensitive to the process as I handed the keys over.

The next chapter has begun. It has been a steep learning curve. But spurring me on to set up the seed of the idea: Sensitive Girl. Home (sister site to Sensitive Girl.Travels). Keep reading for my experiences!